Lausanne, A Great Place To Be:

Lausanne belongs to a select group of truly “international” cities of the world making it an ideal place to study and learn. Many multinational organizations are located in the region due to the excellent logistical network and central location of Lausanne. In the heart of Europe, it is only one hour by air from London, Paris, Brussels and Milan. Lausanne is very near to Geneva which is well known as one of the world’s major international financial centers, especially for the management of private capital assets.

A long-standing university town, Lausanne is also as an Olympic city, a sustainable city, and a place of culture. The city ranks among the safest and most developed in the world, and its residents enjoy an incomparably high quality of life. With breathtaking vistas and a rich cultural heritage, Lausanne and its surroundings are amongst Europe’s most beloved tourist destinations. The city’s cosmopolitan character, with nearly 150 nationalities from all around the world, makes everyone feel at home.

Our students also enjoy Switzerland’s location in the heart of Europe, as countless destinations such as France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, and many others, are only a few hours away. With unrestricted access to the most of Western Europe (Schengen Area) and cheap transport options abounding, it’s never been easier to discover Europe at a low cost.

The quality and variety of Lausanne’s cultural life, with its numerous theaters, museums and international conferences, makes it the right place to obtain a global education. The city is a showcase for the most celebrated names in fashion, jewelry and watch making, and is home to Rolex and Patek Philippe, among others. Ideally situated on the shores of Lake Leman at the foot of the Alps, Lausanne offers excellent outdoor sporting activities.

Throughout the year, students at Lac Leman Center For Learning have the opportunity to participate in a variety of social, cultural, and outdoor activities. They can also discover some of Switzerland’s and Europe’s many wonders, either on their own or through organized activities with the Institute.