Program Anatomy And Span :
The span of this program shall be of 45 Days, but the learning shall last a lifetime. This program combines 25-day period of on-campus business studies with 15 day compulsory fellowship and 5-day project preparation by self, either in Lausanne or in the students’ home country.

Students return to their home country for fellowship and project preparation. There shall be no Visa or residence permit requirements for this 20-Day span. However, 25-day period of on-campus business studies shall be mandatorily on-campus.

Program Modules : Banking and Finance | Cross-Cultural Etiquettes and Communication | Modern Languages | Precision Instruments | Wealth Management | International Trade | Global Accounting | Hospitality Management | Travel and Tourism | Photography | Leadership Development | International Culinary Arts | International Organizations Management | Sports Management | Social Entrepreneurship | Enterprise and Small Business Management | Business Skills | Business of Art and Music | Effective Communication | Bushcraft and Outdoor Skills | Group Facilitation | Team Building | Urban Safety | Customer Service | Negotiation and Influencing Skills